Swedish Society of Toxicology

The seminars organised by SFT are free for all who are interested to attend, as we strive to engage a broad toxicology science and policy communication and discussion.

SFT Seminarium
December 12, 2023

mRNA based vaccines and therapeutics - Nobel prize findings in action


Patrik Andersson

Martin Billger

SFT Seminarium
November 7, 2022

3Rs in toxicology, promises and difficulties


Thomas Hartung

Rose-Marie Jenvert

Petronella Kettunen

Camilla Svensson

SFT Seminarium
Januari 21, 2022

Mixture toxicity: from research to risk assessment


Rolf Altenburger

Chris Gennings

Christina Rudén

SFT Seminarium
September 9, 2021

The New EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability


Urban Boije af Gennäs

Anna Lennquist

Ian Cousins