Support members

SFT is a non-profit organization and economically dependent on its members and support members.

We thank everyone who supports our work.

SFT's support members are:

Interested in becoming a SFT sponsor / support member?


Please contact the treasurer at, include your contact details, reference and an email address to receive SFTs newsletter. For any questions about sponsorship please contact


As an SFT sponsor / support member (5000 kr/year):


  • Your company's logo is visible on all our newsletters, flyers, on our website, Facebook and LinkedIn page.
  • Unlimited number of job advertisements on the website and in our newsletter for SFT's members (price is 2000 kr per job advertisement; free for universities ).
  • You support the important work of Swedish Society of Toxicology

A cooperation with other organisations and companies is the key in our effort to promote SFT's work.

SFT's partners are: