Welcome to SFT – a society for all that have an interest in toxicology!


SFT was established in 1969 and represents a society for all that are interested in toxicology as well as students and those working within the field of toxicology.


Toxicology is a multidisciplinary field which explores unintentional/adverse effects on living organisms caused by for example chemicals, nanomaterials and radiation. Toxicology includes both effects on human (human toxicology) and environmental health (ecotoxicology). The society has a need for essential toxicological knowledge within many different areas such as fundamental research, the development and testing of new chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as risk communication and risk/safety assessments.


Our purpose is to spread toxicological knowledge and information and to serve as a platform for networking between our members. Therefore, SFT arranges several seminars per year. One of these seminars is in connection with our annual meeting.

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