The Board

The Board

The board of Swedish Society of Toxicology is elected once a year at the annual meeting. It is the task of nominating committee to nominate the candidates to different position on the board.

Oskar Karlsson


Oskar Karlsson has been a member of the board of SFT since 2019

Oskar Karlsson is a Pharmacist and Associate Professor at SciLifeLab, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University. He earned a PhD in Toxicology at Uppsala University in 2011, and has previously worked at Karolinska Institute and Harvard University. His research groupcombines experimental model systems and molecular epidemiology to study effects of environmental contaminants.

Klara Midander

Vice Chairman

Klara Midander has been a member of the board of SFT since 2020  

Klara works at the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL, as a project leader with research in the work environment area and a particular focus on exposure and effects of chemical health risks (allergenic and toxic metals, particles, quartz). "My engineering background in chemistry and physics (MSc, Chalmers) as well as surface chemistry and materials science (PhD, KTH) will come in handy in the interdisciplinary research environement at IVL and I also hope to be able to contribute with this in the board work within STF.

Jenny Aasa


Jenny Aasa has been a member of the board of SFT since 2020

Jenny Aasa is originally a pharmacist and an analytical chemist. Between the years 2002-2012 she worked at AstraZeneca in Södertälje with research regarding metabolism and enzymology. She has a PhD degree in environmental chemistry from Stockholm University, 2018. The thesis was about cancer risk assessment of glycidol, a genotoxic contaminant in edible cooking oils. Since 2019 she works as a toxicologist at the Swedish Food Agency.

Linnea Nilsson


Linnea Nilsson has been a member of the board of SFT since 2022

Linnea Nilsson has worked at AstraZeneca as an Occupational Toxicologist since 2016, mostly with risk assessments of in-house substances from an occupational perspective, but also with cross-contamination and other parts of quality toxicology as well as other regulatory questions. Linnea has earlier worked at IKEM - Innovation and Chemical Industries, with advocacy and public relations and before that at a smaller pharmaceutical company with occupational toxicology, risk assessment and regulatory questions. Linnea gratuated from the Toxicology program at the Karolinska Institutet.

Anna Beronius

Board Member

Anna Beronius has been a member of the board of SFT since 2023 

Anna Beronius is associate professor in toxicology and researcher at the Institute for Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet (KI). Her research aims to develop and improve methods for hazard and risk assessment of chemicals, focusing on health effects from endocrine disruptors and chemical mixtures, using e.g. the Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) methodology, and promoting the use of academic research data in regulatory risk assessment. Anna Beronius is also deputy program director for KI's international master's program in toxicology.

Ulrika Carlander

Board Member

Ulrika Carlander has been a member of the board of SFT since 2023 

Ulrika Carlander works at the Medical Products Agency as an investigator of medical devices and is a researcher affiliated with the Institute for Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet (KI). Her research focuses on particle toxicity, kinetics and dissolution. She has one master's degree in chemistry and one in toxicology, and a PhD in nanotoxicology. She has several years of work experience from various industries where toxicology has been applied in various forms through e.g. product and method development, toxicity testing, risk assessments, training and regulatory advice.

Joachim Sturve

Board Member

Joachim Sturve has been a member of the board of SFT since 2022  

Joachim Sturve is professor in ecotoxicology at the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, University of Gothenburg. His research concerns the effects of anthropogenic chemicals and particles in aquatic systems, with a focus on fish and fish health. Current projects are about the effects of metal nanoparticles and endocrine disruptors. Joachim Sturve is also involved in national as well as international environmental monitoring programs.

Sara Moses

Board Member

Sara Moses has been a member of the board of SFT since 2021

Sara has a background as a project toxicologist from the pharmaceutical industry and is today a team leader of two teams at Swedish Match: Nonclinical Science and Regulatory and Product Safety. Her toxicological focus is within product safety, from design and performance of different in vitro studies, acceptable limit values to regulatory issues and applications to authorities.