What is ERT?

To be ERT, or a European Registered Toxicologist, means that you have documented knowledge and experience in toxicology (toxicology/ecotoxicology) which meet the criteria set by EUROTOX.


The overarching goal with ERT is to assure one’s competence in the toxicology area, to facilitate international recruitment, to improve career development and to support development and education within the field of toxicology. To date, ERT is present in 17 European countries and an increasing number of international companies and authorities consider ERT to be a merit when recruiting new personnel. 

All the incoming ERT-registration applications are handled by an ERT committee.

The ERT committee has five members approved by the board of the Swedish Society of Toxicology. The aim is to have representatives from both academia, authorities as well as industry and cover as wide spectrum of toxicological expertise. The members are elected for a 4 years period with possibility to be reelected. Two committee members read each application very carefully and present their opinion for the entire committee which takes the final decision. The current members of the ERT committee are:

Mattias Öberg, Associate Professor, chair of the ERT committee, Karolinska Institutet
Björn Dahl, PhD, ApconiX
Helen Håkansson, Professor Emeritus, Karolinska Institutet
Bert-Ove Lund, Associate Professor, Kemikalieinspektionen
Karin Svens, PhD, VIcore Pharma AB

How can I become ERT?

Apply by  by filling out an application form (for re-registration use re-registration form) and send it to When writing your application, you can find support in the Swedish set of regulations for ERT. There are two yearly deadlines for applying to ERT: end of February and end of September.

The application fee is 1000 SEK for SFT members and 1500 SEK for non-members.

Re-registration fee is 500 SEK for SFT members and 1000 SEK for non-members.


Payment details:


Reg. nr: 80 2008-1314

Plusgiro: 65 89 95-6

Swish-number: 1235250188


Since the ERT-register is for active toxicologists an approved ERT-registration is valid for five years. Thereafter, you need to renew your application. Title renewal is a quicker process, but you still need to fill in a new, and complete, ERT application with updated merits. ERT title renewal can be done in the same country as you originally applied, or on another country’s association that issues the tile. See a detailed description in the Swedish set of regulations for ERT.

By submitting an ERT application you consent to that SFT is allowed to handle the information that you have sent in. The purpose is to be able to make a decision and to construct a register over ERT. You can at any time ask us to modify or remove your information. This can be done by sending an email to An approved ERT which is not updated within a year after a terminated ERT period will be removed from the register.


Applications that arrive after the application deadline will be processed at the following meeting of the ERT committee.


If you have questions concerning ERT, you can contact us at