The Board

The Board

The board of Swedish Society of Toxicology is elected once a year at the annual meeting. It is the task of nominating committee to nominate the candidates to different position on the board. The current board were elected during the annual meeting on 26 april 2019.

Chairman - Jan Olsson


Jan Olsson has done research in Environmental toxicology at Uppsala University since 2003-2011, worked with Product Safety at Essity in Mölndal and currently since 2015 working as Project Toxicology at AstraZeneca in Gothenburg. I work in SFT to support toxicologist in whole Sweden, one current aim is to attract Eurotox to Gothenburg.


Vice Chairman - Oskar Karlsson


Oskar Karlsson is a Pharmacist and Associate Professor at SciLifeLab, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University. He earned a PhD in Toxicology at Uppsala University in 2011, and has previously worked at Karolinska Institute and Harvard University. His research groupcombines experimental model systems and molecular epidemiology to study effects of environmental contaminants.

Secretary - Antero Silva


After the Toxicology Master's program at Karolinska Institutet, I started working as a PhD student at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM), focusing on risk assessment. My research is about benchmark dose modelling and perfluorinated substances (PFAS). Prior to graduate education I worked at Swetox (Swedish Center for Toxicology) and 5 years at the Department of Pharmacology at Karolinska University Hospital.


Treasurer - Petra Thulin


Petra Thulin defended her thesis at the Karolinska Institute in 2011 and then continued as a post-doc in Molecular Toxicology at AstraZeneca in Södertälje. In 2014 she moved to Gothenburg for a position as a Senior Scientist in the Drug Safety and Metabolism (DSM) department.

Board Member - Ulrika Bergström


PhD in Toxicology. PhD-thesis on effects of some chemicals on the olfactory mucosa and transport via the olfactory mucosa to the brain. After my thesis I have mainly done research on tissue distribution of  environmental contaminants and their toxicological effects, and am now involved in research concerning improvement of medical treatment for persons exposed to irritating gases.   

Board Member - Steffen Keiter


Steffen Keiter is an ecotoxicologist and working as a docent at Örebro University since 2014. Before he was working as a research assistant and assistant professor at Heidelberg and RWTH Aachen University, respectively. In addition, he also gained experience with regulatory issues working in the chemical industry.

Board Member - Diana Kättström


Diana Kättström has a Master´s degree in toxicology from Karolinska Institute and currently enrolled as PhD student in regulatory toxicology at the Department of Envrionmental Science at Stockholm University. 

Board Member - Anna Mattsson


Anna Mattsson, PhD in environmental toxicology since 2008, is a researcher at Uppsala University at Department of Environmental Toxicology. She explores how early-life exposure to chemicals and their mixtures can interfere with various developmental processes and cause negative effects on for instance sexual differentiation, the thyroid system, metabolic homeostasis and behavior.

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