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Jobbannonser   PhD student in pharma. & tox. at Uppsala University / Swetox. Deadline Feb 5 2018
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PhD Student in molecular pharmacology and toxicology, Uppsala University in collaboration with Swetox. Deadline: February 5
More information in English here and in Swedish här.

The project: The aim of the project is to provide models that better predict and reconcile the toxicological outcomes of EDCs. This will be achieved by exploring a previously unstudied parameter for these compounds, the intracellular (bio-active) bioavailability, which varies between different cell systems. The PhD student will study series of estrogenic EDCs in cell systems currently used to generate data for risk assessment. Biological factors potentially controlling the intracellular bioavailability, such as transport, metabolism, lipid content and EDC-binding proteins, will also be studied using state-of-the-art technologies such as thermal proteome profiling, proteomics and metabolomics. The PhD student will then integrate the data in new predictive QSAR and PBTK models describing the bio-kinetic behavior of these EDCs in relation to exposure. The aim is to normalize toxicity response differences, thus greatly contributing to risk assessment of these particular EDCs, other EDC chemistries and toxicants in general.