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EUROTOX Information

Eurotox – Federation of European Toxicologists & European Societies of Toxicology

EUROTOX hemsida

The EUROTOX 2017 congress will be held on September 10-13, 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

More information is available on the EUROTOX 2017 website

The following guest accounts are free of charge and enable the person to register for the meeting:

AM17_Eurotox: this code will give regular Eurotox members 100 euro discount on the non-member Brussels meeting registration. In order for them to register for our 27th Annual Meeting they will need to create a guest (non-member) account.
AM17_EurotoxStudent: this code will give student Eurotox members 70 euro discount on the student non-member fee for our Brussels meeting. They will have to create a student guest (student non-member) account before they can register for the meeting.

Call for Proposals for the EUROTOX 2018 Congress Scientific Programme

To all EUROTOX Members, Scientific Partners and Exhibitors
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Scientific Programme Committee (SCP) I invite you to submit your proposal for the EUROTOX 2018 Congress that will be held in Brussels, Belgium, September 2-5, 2018.

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Your input is required to prepare an innovative and relevant scientific programme covering the most up to date topics. Our theme for 2018 is “Toxicology Out of the Box”. It reflects our willingness and enthusiasm to offer a really innovative, forward-looking and imaginative programme. Submissions in line with this theme are strongly encouraged.

We urge all Individual Members, Member Societies, Speciality Sections, SubCommittees and Corporate Members, as well as scientific and industry partners to contribute. Only a common effort will guarantee a high quality programme and keep our annual congress a reference point for the toxicologists not only in Europe but also internationally.

Please read the guidelines below and submit your scientific proposal using the proposal form below to secretariat@eurotox.com by December 9, 2016.

General Guidelines
1. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: scientific quality, relevance, timeliness and completeness of the information (including details of all speakers, chairs, title, and short description).
2. Geographical distribution (not more than 2 speakers from the same country, except for CEC’s)
3. The Congress Organization strongly encourages interaction between Academia-Industry-Regulators and interdisciplinary approaches (basic research, clinical/epidemiological, regulation) therefore we ask that you make every effort to include speakers from all mentioned organizations.

Specific Guidelines on preparation of session proposals for EUROTOX
•Symposia: A more formal session where 4 expert speakers present in depth analyses on a topic of wide interest.
•Workshops: A more interaction session where 4 speakers address a specific topic or an issue where views may differ or conclusions have yet to be reached. More time is expected to be dedicated to open discussion
•Roundtable: A discussion based session of 120 minutes with 4 participants. Only short presentations should be planned (5-10 minutes each presenter) with the majority of time allocated for open discussion with the panel and the audience.
•Continuing Education Course: An educational session where 4-5 experts in the field present a balanced view of established principles. Proposers/chairs should ensure they work with individual speakers to achieve balance and prevent repetition. Scheduled from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm including coffee and lunch breaks.
•Keynote lectures: 1 speaker, 45 minutes. For international renowned leaders in the field to present recent hot topics or an authoritative overview of issues of broad interest.
Proposal form:

European Registered Toxicologist (ERT)

The title European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) is accorded by EUROTOX to individuals who have been nominated by their National Register.

European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) Rules of Registration (ratified at the Eurotox conference in Paris 09/2011)
ERT,Guidelines for registration, sept 2011

Comments from the Swedish Society of Toxicology (SFT) on the document for consultation (2011-05-27)
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The Executive Committee of the Swedish Society of Toxicology (SFT) has reviewed the revised Rules of Registration for European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) and our comments on the document are hereby provided.

The Swedish Society of Toxicology (SFT) does not have a national register of toxicologists (ERT) certified by EUROTOX.

Some general questions and concerns with the concept are presented in the document. Specific comments on the details of the document are also provided.

SFT Answer (2011-05-27)

ERT Consultation (2011-03-01)

ERT Rules of Registration (proposal 2011-01-10)

ERT Background (2007)

For more information: Eurotox – ERT

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The EUROTOX Merit Award

The EUROTOX Merit Award aims at recognising a distinguished career in European toxicology. The EUROTOX Merit Award is presented annually at the EUROTOX Congress to a European toxicologist with a long and outstanding career in the discipline.

Achievements in academia, public service or industry may be recognized. Emphasis should be put on individual contributions strengthening the science of toxicology.

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The awarded since 1992 to date have been:

2012: Peter Moldeus (Sweden)
2011: Gerhard J. Nohynek (Germany)
2010: Henk Van Loveren (The Netherlands)
2009: Alan Boobis (UK)
2008: Vito Foa’ (Italy)
2007: Robert Kroes (The Netherlands)
2006: Jouko Tuomisto
2005: Erik Dybing (Norway)
2004: Helena Rasková (Czech Republic)
2003: Victor Feron (The Netherlands)
2002: Ian Purchase (UK)
2001: Herman Bolt (Germany)
2000: Anthony Dayan (UK)
1999: Jens Schou (Denmark)
1998: Martin Johnson (UK)
1997: Sten Orrenius (Sweden)
1996: Robert Hess (Switzerland)
1995: Dietrich Henschler (Germany)
1994: Norman Aldridge (UK)
1993: Bo Holmstedt (Sweden)
1992: Gerhard Zbinden (Switzerland)

The EUROTOX Merit Award 2005 gick till
prof. Erik Dybing, MD, PhD, Division Director and Professor, Division of Environmental Medicine, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo.

SFT gratulerar Erik Dybing, hedersledamot i SFT, till denna fina utmärkelse!

I samband med utdelandet av the EUROTOX Merit Award 2005, gav Erik Dybing en presentation med titeln:
”Visions for the Future of European Toxicology”Ladda ned PDF

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